At Hawk-Eye Consulting, we bring veteran insurance industry experience, primarily from executive leadership roles, and an expertise in instilling a culture of collaboration to your issues and your organization.

We are Collaboration Specialists who create detailed strategic plans and synthesize complex information in order to lead high performance teams toward growth and profitability.
In a time when the need to add top talent while holding down expenses clashes more than ever, bring us in as your Interim Project Manager to move you forward against challenges such as:

  • Creating a detailed strategic plan and converting it into action

  • Integrating acquired businesses

  • Defining the steps required to successfully consolidate operations

  • Building consensus within teams around common goals that best serve the company

  • Assessing your current sales team and creating a detailed plan to improve sales results

  • Rolling out new initiatives

  • Improving customer service through innovative programs

  • Instilling a culture of collaboration into your management approach

Contact us today via phone or email to discuss your current challenges and how we can help you achieve your goals.


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